Gotrus, 鄂信地

China's future forward to new Empire

天下羽帝,天下予帝,天下中帝,我帝中华。gotrus, the Promised Land. 鄂信地,我姓帝。

unite China as well as Chinese all over the world under one China in democracy, steers the world into more prosperous and peaceful world under God's shine.

Japan gaining in coming years, while China nowadays continues to deteriorate, and fatelly broke into rotten and riot. China will joined by Japan in new era to rerise to its new pinnacle, like its once had in Ming Dynasty under title of Zhu's. power on earth and sea, more freedom for Japan with her new soil settlement, and China as an Empire reset.

the plain of eastern Asia can be a prosperous land, akin to the America continent, esp. the US.

---Come from Woz:

woz, war of zeu's. Warren Oleave Zhu, 楚甲主. 一堂既出,贺震田家。